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Cooperative Breeding Initiative

The OPA, in line with its mission to support and promote aviculture within the United States will be encouraging the creation of new Cooperative Breeding Programs (CBP), often called Consortiums.

As should be common knowledge to most aviculturists, the passage of the Wild Bird Conservation Act (WBCA) in 1992 brought an end to large scale imports of avian species that were listed on either Appendix of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES). However, the WBCA included a provision to allow for the import of avian specimens under Cooperative Breeding Programs.

These programs require the involvement of at least two members and an oversight organization. Further, they can be approved for the purpose of establishing a species in U.S. aviculture, so long as the importation of the specimens is not detrimental to the continue existence of the species
overall in the wild. In the opinion of the OPA this is an underutilized avicultural tool for revitalization of the diminishing avian populations in the United States.

Therefore, going forward, the OPA is starting initiative to promote the creation of new CBPs. To that end, the OPA will provide the necessary oversight to any proposed CBP we deem worthy of our assistance. Further, the OPA’s attorney will assist in the preparation, submission, and litigation of CBP plans approved of by the OPA.

In preparation for this initiative, the OPA has submitted and litigated several FOIA request relating to the adjudication of CBP requests by the USFWS. The products of the OPA’s labors can be found here. While the material may seem dry, it has provided the OPA with crucial insight into the workings of the USFWS and the individuals who adjudicate these requests. The OPA intends to use that knowledge for the benefit of U.S. aviculture and we encourage our members to review these documents.

Anyone who is interested in establishing a new CBP should contact the OPA’s attorney at

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