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The Organization of Professional Aviculturists (OPA) is a trade and conservation organization working on legislation, conservation and education. OPA will work with and for science based, common sense legislation issues, in all areas of government and in all areas of aviculture. OPA will be monitoring legislation that involves conservation, ownership, breeding, pet birds, and re-homing of birds.

Conservation support is high on our list of goals. OPA will support and work with a few established wild bird
conservation groups working in the field, and also with private facilities breeding birds for conservation.


When joining OPA you will be an integral part of all that OPA will accomplish whether you are a
conservationist, work in the industry, a breeder, or a pet owner.


Membership is offered to aviculturists and other persons or organizations who agree to support the goals and
purposes of the OPA.

Fellow: $200.00

Fellows will be able to provide input to the membership regarding major issues. Fellows have voting rights on
all major issues addressed by the board. Requirements for Fellows will be that two (2) OPA members provide
written support for a candidate and then the candidate's application will be voted on by the board.

Affiliate: $50

Individual and Avian Industry Affiliate membership is for an individual aviculturist or a person representing a national, state, and or local organization engaged in the promotion of aviculture, aviculture related industry, or involved in conservation of wild birds, (in the wild or the private sector), and/or supporting the welfare of birds. Affiliate members will receive OPA communications regarding issues of importance to aviculture.

Supporting: $0

Supporting members have access to digital communication from and with OPA, and access to FB group

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